Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Some pictures from this summer...

Some cousinly love..

My bf's beautiful sister..

A beautiful picture of a rusted car in Davenport.
Camping over 4th of July

Boone with Grandma
At the Airshow

Lilac Parade car show

Monday, August 16, 2010

Where do I begin

We are having a baby December 7Th a little girl in which we are naming Remy Loraine. We are all very excited especially big brother Boone. I am now staying home again with my son after working for since January, I have been having back pains and cramps so decided best with my doctor I better be down for the next few months. We have been having an exciting summer going swimming, to an air show, to Grandma's alot and of course classic splash pads around Spokane. It's been pretty hot and just trying to survive an apartment with a partially working AC unit while being big and pregnant has been a challenge in itself, as well as trying to keep a busy 2 year old boy entertained. There is more to come and pics as well stay tuned....Have a good Monday everyone!