Thursday, January 28, 2010

Boone got some new "Jam's"

His Favorite Buzz and Woody...and he calls them his Jam's instead of jammies.. So long story short he tries to wear them every night...

Friday, January 22, 2010

Fun Times at the park

Yesterday we went to the park with Kim and Preston here are some pics!

Preston Playing...

Model Pose...
Love this one
Ahh how he is growing :(

Boone got alittle messy

Thursday, January 21, 2010

So here's to a new me!

So every time I am watching TV, I see all these gorgeous women and I have this mindset wow I could look like them. Then I get on this crazy kick for about a month where I am watching what I eat and I actually lose a couple pounds. But then I go back to my horrible ways. So I decided to make a healthy get fit/healthier list with some motivation (this summer) and put it on my fridge and post it on here for some support!

Where is goes by week one, two, three and so on...this week it says to write down everything you eat to get to know your habits and problem times. SO here is goes!!!

It also says to come up with an amount you'd like to lose..I would like to lose 10 pounds a healthy 10 or more pounds which includes toning and shaping my legs and tummy. I am currently 140 so I would go to a 130-129.

So, your homework (oh, dear!) for this next week is to write down everything you eat and drink, the amounts and time of day, with no critical self-judgments (that’s part of the work), as you finish off the Christmas cookies. This is a great exercise to do whether you want to lose weight or not, as it allows you to see what is going into your mouth and being turned into fuel and nutrients. Be mindful to chew slowly, at least fifty times for each bite (now there’s a challenge). Then meet me back here, journal in hand, in one week’s time...


Thursday, January 14, 2010


Yay so I applied for a job Monday evening for a deli/barista position at Safeway and within a half an hour the lady called and asked for me to come into an interview the next morning. I was super psychic! So 9:00am Tuesday morning I went in for an interview and did a fantastic job even she told me she had a good feeling about me. Then that afternoon she called and offered me the job and wanted me to come in for training Wed. I was like awesome of course! So training went as well as computer training can go an I start actually hands on training Friday morning...YAY finally things are slowly falling into their spots. I have my schedule for the next week...and taxes are coming in soon and we can get a couple new things we need around here and it's really just finally starting to feel less tense finally. Like I can breath without feeling like I am suffocating. Today we have a play date with my friend Kim and her son Preston at Chucky E Cheese Boone's never been before so it should be interesting. Then just home to hang out and prepare for the weekend!!

I forgot to mention I am about to buy my NICKELBACK, SHINEDOWN tickets for May 5th!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am sooooo stoked!!!!! I am also planning my trip to my sister's graduation in May in Tennesse I am excited to go over there because I haven't seen her in 3 years and plus I have never been to Tennesse maybe I can get a Tennesse shirt cause I love me some girls Basketball plus they are a great team!! Especially since Angie Borklan is going to school there and a starter and she's from right here in Spokomton! Umm other than that nothing new in my life...I am planning boone's 2nd birthday (sniff sniff) he is growing way too fast. And then my birthday is over spring break so maybe we could do something fun for that as well.

Well I am outta here to go get dressed and ready for the day..Have a great week!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Year's Pics and Plans

Here are some pictures from New Year's at Zack's Brother's house we played games and had some was alot of fun! Here are some pics I was able to snap and do some editing too..

Also I found on another blog I follow this awesome list of stuff I plan to accomplish this year and I want you to post things as is goes!

this year I will:

1. Learn that it's okay to say "no" sometimes, but also challenge myself to say "yes" to things I wouldn't normally do.
2.Cook more, and come up with a signature dish.
3.Once again reach and maintain my ideal weight, but love myself continually along the way.
4.Worry less and try not to let as much stress into my life.
5. Read 100 books.
6. Keep in better touch with my family and make more time for my friends (even when life is awfully busy).
7. Actively work towards being getting my photography business going by the end of the year (having business cards, website and clients.)
8. Stop drinking pop.
9. Start school by be Sept.
10.wear bright colors. all I can to maintain a happy, giggly, safe & cozy, loving relationship with my boyfriend.
12. Eat more greens.
13. Buy more flowers.
14. Actively work towards being an even better mother to my son.
15. Be brave.
What will you do this year?

(I've decided that resolutions don't have to be huge, life-changing things. They can be as small as deciding to buying a new outfit to changing your hairstyle. And I may do both. You know, for the record.)