Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sunny Saturday

I finally was able to get some sleep last night! I feel like a huge burden has lifted somewhat..I have one more week till I turn in my major research paper it's off right now getting peer reviewed...and then I can focus more on history..speaking of history I went to go take my exam last night and the library was closed "now what".. So I emailed my teacher telling him I was under the impression the library was open till 8. We had this mix up with the first exam and the lady had told me the wrong hours so I missed it the first time too. Man lack of communication is a "Bleep". So I might get screwed and not get to retake it because of the communication mix up on hours of operations.

Well I get to spend the weekend with my fiance like always and like always it's wonderful..Boone is still super clingy and needy I don't know what to do with him. All he wants to do is nurse..He won't eat like he normally does. So I hope this goes away soon..other then staying in our jammies lol I am not sure what we are going to do today.

The home and garden show is going on this weekend so I might go to that with my sister in law not sure she hasn't given me a text yet. So I am going to cook some lunch and blog. When it's nice out I feel like I should be out enjoying it or I am wasting a perfect day. But dang is it cold out. Maybe part of B's problem is he has cabin fever. He is sick of being in the house..I try to have coffee like 3 times a week with my sister in law but lately everyone has been sick and it's just not worth it. So maybe I can get back on that routine next week and B loves playing with his cousins. Maybe we could incorporate that into having a coffee morning hosted at different people's house each week. I don't know how many people drink coffee or whatever but something fun like that to start the morning..who knows it's just a thought.

My fiance recently told me that if I can blog that meant I had " too much time on my hands" he then proceeded to sing the song to me. I thought that was a catchy tag line for my blog but then decided against it. Well anyways enough babbling off to eat..Have a great weekend.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Yay it's Friday

So I didn't get much sleep last night not sure exactly why maybe the crying baby didn't help lol..but when 7 came around I didn't want to get up so Zack got up and went and got boone but then brought him into me and I tried to bury my head under the pillow so they wouldn't find me.. Silly me right..well they found me and I tried to to say thanks to Zack but my voice wouldn't work cause my throat was all scratchy so what came out sounded more like a growl.

So I got up and got the little one up..he got mad at me for not letting him play in our room so dad took him while he started to throw a fit and I b-lined for the coffee pot..THIS is where it gets good..when I went to go throw away my old grinds from yesterday I realized the garbage was full so I started to pack it up, and I hit the cribbage board on top of the bookcase which is next to the garbage about 5 feet up and it landed on my 2nd toe with the corner and instantly I had excruciating pain and fell to the ground my whole toe has now turned purple and the pain is intense and on top of that it wasn't even 8 yet!! What a way to start the dang day. I have to limp to walk and can't bend it so I can't wait for this day to get better already. I have to study for my huge exam all day to go take when Zack gets home at 5 so ICK....I will have to update for sure tomorrow on how I's a hard class cause it's hard to stay focused when you are responsible to do everything on your own. Online classes like this are difficult to get yourself crossing my fingers I can get some studying done today with Mr. Sick

Well I hope everyone else had a better start to their morning!! Have a Great Friday!

Update: 4:37pm my Toe is still throbbing and I am still in alot of pain..I don't know if I should go have it looked at or not..but I can barely walk and when I do it hurts so...what do you think?

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Been away but I am back!

So I found out how to do some cool stuff with blogging now and some better ideas to keep me at it..Well lately I have had a sick little boy on my hands he coughs all the time and is so fussy and needy. I can't do much but hug and rock him...Which is nice cause I like to cuddle with him..he was running a fever the other night of 102 that was scary..I gave him some motrin and it went down right away..Now I have a scratchy sore throat and I am coming up on final EEEKKK...

I have a huge history exam tomorrow I am studying for...and a huge research rough draft due tonight to be critqued by fellow peers in my topic was Universal Health Care. It was suppose to be at least 6 pages I have been busy this week but in the end it will all be worth it when I get my education degree. I have 3 more weeks left till I am done then I start up again on April 6th.

Boone is turning 1 on St. Patricks Day so I thought it only right I put up some shamrocks and something cute..I can't believe a year has gone by already it is nuts. I miss my little guy who was scooting everywhere. For his birthday party I am having it at O'dohertys downtown in the back room..our family really likes that resturant and we know the owners so I thought it would be a good place to hold it. I also made his invites and I am very proud of them...

I made it on I love that site...

I bought a small trampoline yesterday so I can keep busy at home while it is cold out or whatever...until I can bust out the jogging stoller at least and boone had alot of fun playing on it..

Here are some pictures of him playing..

Well I pressed my luck boone is done playing and needy now so I will blog ya later ;)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Life realization

Today I have named terrible Tuesday..I was sitting rocking my son to sleep this morning for his nap thinking about my life. I know all in about 25 mins right...well while I was thinking, I thought of what my fiance thinks of me well I should say how he thinks of me. I came up with that he thinks I am very demanding, superficial and materialistic. Because I asked for flowers and chocolates for valentines day and demanded he take me out since last year he didn't. I bugged him endlessly about getting engaged and flaunted ring apone ring in front of him all the time. I also constantly buy new things here and there and/or ask him to buy them for me. I didn't like hearing all this all in my head because i don't think of myself like that. But I am!!

I do not want to be that kind of person! I feel horrible hearing and reading all that know about myself...Zack is the best guy I have ever meant and on top of that he has tolerated all of my shit I have put him through from moving across the U.S. to horrible debt! He still loves me "unconditionally" and I couldn't ask for a better fiance. I want to be the best person for him and take care of him not make him constantly take care of me. He deserves so much better then I give him.

Another thing I realized today..I need to stop pushing people who love me away. I don't have alot of family that are there for me and care about me. The ones that do love me and care about me and Boone I keep pushing away. Jenny for instance...she is the only Grandma Boone has and I have been (well still am) so nervous to let her babysit Boone because I do not like her drinking problem she has. But for some reason till today I didn't realize she would never let that interfere with taking care of Boone. She would never hurt him or let anything happen to him. She loves him more than anything in this world and I just never thought about it. I am so dang protective of him that I think only I know how to take care of him. I need to loosen up just a little...just a little!! There are times when i think she needs a break she has gone through alot and is going though alot with raising a daughter (teenage one at that) and being engaged to a man no one in the family likes what so ever. You have to accept people for who they are and what they do, if they don't want to change you either accept it or have to tolerate it because they are your family. One thing Zack had taught me over the years we have been together is "You can't make someone change, they have to want to" this has been a hard lesson to learn! I have to learn to accept people for what they are and what they do!! Another instance is My mom she doesn't want to be part of our lives right now, or better yet doesn't know how with her addiction problem, and my dad lives so far away plus we don't have the closest relationship anyway. So I need to accept the family I have here that do want to be part of my life. They aren't out to ruin my life or make it harder for Zack and I but are here to endure everything I have going on and love me for who I am!!

I had to get that out on the table because some days I can be really smart and think about all this stuff from outside the box and some days. Like Zack likes to say "I am only using 5% of my brain".

Enjoy the sun we have it keeps peaking through here and there and have a wonderful Tuesday!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Monday Blues

It's another cloudy, cold and hectic Monday! I can't wait until those hot and sunny days summer days coming soon. This week is a little hectic I have to write a 4 page expose on Universal health care and make sure to have at least three sources. I also have 2 history quizzes, 6 discussion board postings, and a handful of assignments due...whew..what a workload...but I will take it one day at a time and get it done one by one. The dreaded Valentine's Day is coming up this weekend, to some it is known as Single Awareness Day others it's Lover's Day but I see it as a day to get chocolates :). I know lol chocolates...I do love candy..

This Friday is the 13th and we are going out to see the new Friday the 13th movie with Josh, Monica and I believe Wayde and his g/f Sam. I am excited because we haven't been out without Boone, and together since Boone was born. So it's kinda a date night!!

I recently decided I want to live in a small town and raise my family somewhere where all the teachers know my kids, where we know everyone in town and we aren't afraid to go for a walk at night. Somewhere we can grow some roots and call won't be until after I graduate and get my teaching degree and plus after the infamous wedding! Zack and I both agree we want a small town life to raise our family close enough to the big city to go in and shop and do stuff but far enough away to not worry.

Boone has a dentist appt. today and other then that I am working on my paper and hanging with my son!

Well I am outta here everyone have a wonderful Monday and stay Classy ;)