Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The all time question

OK this is what I want to know...why is it men get off so easy from the wonders of the world that wreak havoc on us women???? For example...I just got out of the shower and man we have to go through all this stuff just to feel good..

Shave everything!
Do our Hair
Feel soft--so we have to lotion everything

Plus we go through everything...carrying the children, having the children, breastfeeding the children, raising them (if you are stay at home mom), which means we go through all the changes to our bodies and all the emotional changes on top of that...such as the heart breaking cries of children in the middle of the night...the saggy BF boobs (sigh) the stretched out skin from the wonderful pregnancy experience...the hormones the constant monthly visits!! I mean come on what do they go through!!!??????? I hate taking showers sometimes...just cause I have to do all that stuff..

On top of all of that..I feel so unattractive sometimes..I love Zack more than anything but I feel he is the only one in the world that thinks I am attractive but I feel it's just out of love. I use to turn heads from guys and I just wish they would still look once an awhile so I can make my man proud and make him feel like he has something others wish they had too..ya know what I mean..or am I being selfish?? I don't know.. I am still young only 21 and I feel like I am 35..Having kids does that but I need something..inspirational or I don't know!

Frumpy mommy out......


  1. Perhaps you should find an inspirational book! Something about women or moms. Maybe a Chicken Soup for the Soul book or something like that! Chin up!

  2. I just wrote you a SUPER long comment and it seems to have disappeared, ugh!

    Anyways I feel the EXACT same way! I used to love getting all ready and now really getting dressed just seems like such a chore. Who has the time with a little guy? Not to mention what's the point in getting all done up, if I don't really have anywhere to go. I know that Brad still thinks I'm "hot" but sometimes I wonder if it's just because he knows that I can be or like you said just because he loves me. I used to be one of those girls that got attention "just because" and now...nothing. It'd be nice to get a look every now and then you know to boost my confidence and let me know how lucky Brad is to have me! Lol. Make sense?

    And don't even get me started on what BF has done to my once perky boobs!

    PS. I don't think you look frumpy! We should start a support group, and you have to get ALL dolled up to attend the meetings. It would be fun!

    PPS. I definitely think we need to actually meet. I am 21 too and our boys are around the same age. Plus it sounds like we are really similar!

  3. You look great girl..Everybody has those days. I put on weight since I got with Big Man (and I dont even have a baby)and I've been really down on myself too...but I look on the bright side that even if im a lil hefty or not how I used to be, I'm still healthy, alive, and pretty happy.

    Guys probably are checking you out your just to crazy to notice :)

  4. first off, you look great and when your young, your body bounces back faster than it would if you were older having children. secondly, i hate showering sometimes too! it is so time consuming and so i am with you on that all the way.

  5. I know exactly how you feel! My 2nd baby is just 5 months old so I'm feeling pretty unattractive right now!