Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Blissfully Boring

Well nothing out of the ordinary has been going on! I received my paper back from my English professor and I pass my class !!!! YES!!! Other then that.. Boone is going through a major case of separation anxiety and I am going through cabin fever it needs to warm up so I can go walking grrr....
Well Boone has a wellness check up Friday and Saturday he has his 1 year pictures..then we are going to the St. Patrick's Day parade YAY!!! Then he turns one on Tuesday I CAN'T believe it..I think I am about to cry! My little boy....:( Other then that... I am on spring break after this weekend when I finish up with my other class. So yeah here are some pictures from today..I can't wait to get my new camera and start my career...


  1. Loving the messy pictures! I remember those days...oh wait that was dinner tonight at our house. lol. We are going to the St Patty's Day Parade too, we should try to meet up and you know "meet" in real life! Happy Birthday to Boone! Are you guys doing anything exciting?

  2. super cute kid!! i just found your blog and it is just adorable!