Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Well Happy St. Patrick's Day to everyone! I love this holiday it's so unique and different than anyother holiday we celebrate! When is there any other time you can drink "green beer" :)! Well I hope everyone has a great time and wear green you don't want to get pinched!

Today is Boone's 1st Birthday!!! He was born at 9:08 on this day last year! He weighed 7lbs 70z and was perfect in everyway! He never cried and just slept on my chest the whole time we were in the hospital. He took right to breastfeeding and hasn't stopped yet..I am blessed to have such a wonderful little boy..and I am excited to watch him grow into a young man..

Here is the Birthday Boy this morning!!

Gotta love those eyes!


  1. how sweet! Happy Bday little man!!

  2. Aidan was born at 9:03 and weighed 7 lb 6 oz. WEIRD! He also didn't cry at the hospital, he was relaxed and quiet... until we got home!

  3. What a cutie! Happy Birthday Lil' Guy!! :)