Friday, March 20, 2009

I decided to do an experiment kinda like pay it forward/experience new things...

I am going to do one-hundred one things in one-thousand one days.
start: 3/20/09 end: 12/15/2011
in progress: italic / completed: bold

1. start a blog (2/2009)
2. graduate from college, finally.
3. Read the twilight series.
4. leave a sweet note in a library book.
5. buy ten gifts for people, just because.
6. send out ten letters to people, just because.
7. create a picture wall with all black and white snapshots.
8. stay off computer for a whole day.
9. Get a tattoo.
10. get a massage.
11. Give a bum some money.
12. See the rest of the harry potter movies.
13. visit a place I've never been to.
14. go to a book signing and get one signed.
15. devote a weekend to zack.
16. become a friend I would want to have.
17. buy 10 new books.
18. have zacks mustang fixed (where I hit a pole).
19. try something I have never ate before.
20. write a poem .
21. do 5 "pay it forwards" to complete strangers. (0/5)
22. make 5 new friends. (1/5) (Kim Pitts)
23. plan and throw a party for someone.
24. get an external hard drive and back up my photos and music.
25. volunteer for something/someone.
26. donate to five charities. (0/5)
27. organize finances and other important documents into a filing system and update monthly with new papers. (0/1)
28. go camping.
29. watch 50 new movies. (6/50) (Mirrors), (Role Models), (Borat), (The Women), (Yes Man), (Taken)
30. buy ink for our printer :.
31. do the dishes everyday for a week.
32. list one thing I am grateful for, everyday for a year. (0/365)
33. don’t complain about anything for 1 week. (0/7)
34. develope a better relationship with my mother.
35. choose ten new recipes and make them. (0/10)
36. take a photography class. (0/1)
37. Start going to church actively again.
38. send flowers to a friend.
40. fast for one 24 hour period.
41. dress up cute and go out for a night.
42. buy 5 pairs of shoes. (0/5)
43. start recycling.
44. Take an exotic vacation.
45. find 5 new singers/bands to adore. (0/5)
46. develop five habits to make my life more "green". (0/5)
47. stop biting my nails.
48. go one week without soda.
49. go an entire day without being negative.
50. develope a photography website for my business.
51. take a Pilate's class.
52. Go to the ocean.
53. go on a road trip.
54. write zack 10 love letters. (0/10)
55. send a care package to a soldier overseas.
56. read 5 books from the banned and challenged list.
57. get married.
58. for one month, make a daily list of five things that make me happy. (0/30)
59. buy a bookcase for my books.
60. be a vegetarian for one week.
61. buy a new couch.
62. try out five local restaurants that I've never been to. (0/5)
63. bake a cake from scratch.
64. visit a friend who lives out of town.
65. plant flowers.
66. go to the casino.
67. lose 10 pounds
68. buy an item of clothing that is not my usual style.
69. get a new hairstyle
70. tell zack and boone I love them every day.
71. take a cooking class.
72. meet and take a photo with someone famous.
73. go one week without any television.
74. attend a spokane shock game.
75. attend a seahawks game.
76. participate in a sport.
77. reconnect with a long-lost-friend.
78. participate in a walk or run charity.
79. Run a mile everyday for 6 months.
80. buy myself flowers five times. (0/5)
81. do a photoshoot for zack's mustang.
82. get a really nice camera.
83. get a gym membership.
84. be a workout fiend.
85. read one-hundred books. (0/100)
86. visit a sex shop with a friend.
87. buy a party dress.
88. go to two fancy dinners with Zack (not in our usual spots). (0/2)
89. Go without fast food for 1 month.
90. give an outrageous tip to a waiter/waitress.
91. make bread from scratch.
92. buy a really nice watch.
93. send a care package to each of my sisters. (0/2)
94. buy a new perfume.
95. subscribe to 3 magazines. (2/3) (modern brides) (Brides)
96. Have 5 dinners with my mother and mother in law. (0/10)
97. give compliments to one hundred complete strangers. (0/100)
98. meet one of my online BFF's face-to-face.
99. donate $5 for every task not completed.
100. start a new list on day 1000. (0/1)
101. celebrate completing all tasks w/ wine. (0/1)


  1. you will love the twilight series!

  2. I like this! I am totally going to copy you and put one up on my blog too!

    So funny that you put up #22, I was just telling Brad last night about my new friend Nicole who I really need to meet in person! And I love that you put buy a party dress, buy 5 new pairs of shoes, and get all dressed up and go somewhere in here! You've never been to a sex shop with a friend? I could be that friend! lol! But I don't know that I could live a month without fastfood!

  3. I love having a 101 in 1001 keeps me motivated to accomplish things :)

    Love your list!!

  4. This is SO cool! I would totally love to do one but I don't even know where to start!