Sunday, March 29, 2009

Simply Sunday

So I am on the 4th book of the twilight series and I am not reading it as eagerly as the other ones..I want to make this one last SAD...but I am also excited to go check out the shopaholic series so that gives me something to look forward to. Today my soon to be sister in law is taking me out to lunch as a bday present..My birthday is tomorrow..and I am excited because I love Red Robin !!! Other then that Zack is sick and hasn't left the couch at all this morning and I have to keep checking to make sure he is alive...I am in my jammies and need to get dressed. I start babysitting tomorrow so that will be nice the little boy is 4 days older then Boone so he will have a friend to play with. Lastly I start school in a week...yay..I can't wait to get in on my photography I get my camera in 2 weeks YESSSSSSSSSSS...

Let me know your simply Sunday plans...whether they are busy, hectic or relaxing..


  1. I tried to make the fourth book last but with no such luck. I read it in less than 24hrs.
    Happy Birthday! It's awesome to have in-laws you love! I know. I have em' too. Hope health hits home for you all soon. Enjoy Red Robins. Never actually eaten there.

  2. BORING! Well, my Sunday anyways. LOL! We cleaned house a little. By "we", I mean I watched Anthony do the dishes, clean the kitchen and mop the floor... while I painted my toenails. I had a terrible headache and din't feel like doing much! Have a Happy Birthday tomorrow!