Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Strolling for the cure

Hey everyone..I have a friend whos mom is a breast cancer survivor and I am going to be partaking in a walk for the cure only I will be strolling for the cure!! Decorating our stroller up in pink stuff and walking our little butts 5 miles to help fight breast cancer! The event is April 19th here in Spokane, WA and the link to it is:

I am excited and plan on registering this weekend!! it's $25 and you get a shirt and then $5 for each stollering kid and they get a shirt too!!
In other news..I finished the twilight series :sigh: and I am going to go check out the shopaholic series this weekend (fingers crossed)..I am missing the beautiful sunshine and want to get out and take pictures...arg..I gotta build my portfolio!

OH..so I am going to get my hair done hopefully this weekend and here is how I think I might get my hair cut..and re highlighted WHAT do you think?
Haircut idea
Highlight idea


  1. I love that hair cut! PS...good news, Forever 21 is opening up soon at Spokane Valley Mall (not sure how close you are to that mall)

  2. I was chatting with one of my clients in Spokane today about my weekend shopping adventure and she mentioned she was really happy that Forever 21 was opening up at the Spokane Valley Mall...THEN I noticed you're from Spokane!

  3. The hair is very cute! You'll enjoy the Shopaholic series, I loved them!!! Confessions of a Shopaholic is one of my all time favorite books. And Happy Belated Birthday!!!