Thursday, April 2, 2009

Frustrated beyond belief Tuesday my son woke up with a crusty eye and I was like GREAT another thing..another damn sickness..well yesterday it moved to both his eyes so I made an appt. We went in today and he has a ear infection in his right ear and pink eye in both his eyes. I want to scream..I am SOOOOO sick of him being sick..he breastfeeds too so he isn't suppose to be sick so much..he has constantly had a green icky nose for the past 3 months it may go away for a couple days but comes RIGHT back. Just alittle bit ago I talked to my dad just to ask a question and he goes anything else new and I told him about Boone and he goes in a gruff kinda irritated voice " he sure is sick alot" and I go OK, yeah he is dad cause every time I get him better he goes around our nieces and gets sick again or gets around other kids and gets sick. There's nothing I can do about it. He goes yeah I guess not...

WHAT THE FUCK...honestly you go and tell me or accuse me that he sure is sick all the time. What exactly is that suppose to mean??? Am I a bad mom because my son can't stay healthy...what was he trying to imply??? That just put me in a foul mood I am already pissy because he has an ear infection and pink I suppose to keep him in a bubble..the doctor said it's going around he he could of picked it up ANYWHERE...well lets we have been this week.. give me a break...don't question me about my son like I had any choice about him getting this.

I am so frustrated and sick to death of him being sick!


  1. Hey! Holla! I hear ya. Pay a visit to my pissy-pants post. Must be something in the air. At least I don't feel so alone. Hope the little guy gets better. Are you sure he doesn't have a sinus infection? Green is usually bad. My nephew had one for 6mo before he was diagnosed. Poor little guy. He must be miserable. I am an adult and I am whinning. Parenthood is tough. No infant I have ever seen has come out with manual in hand. You're doing fine.

  2. That sucks that Boone isn't feeling well! It also sucks when our parents treat us like we AREN'T parents! UGH! It seems because I am only 21 and a mom every member of our familes likes to give their input on things. Trust me, when I want it, I WILL ask!

    Aidan seems sick a lot too. There's really nothing you can do about it.. except the bubble idea... but that will set him up to miss a lot of school once he starts! Hang in there!

  3. My niece (just turned 1 last week) and her brother (will be 4 in May) have been sick this entire's crazy! Ear infections, coughs, colds, asthma puffers, trips to the ER at the Children's Hospital, stomach bugs...the whole nine yards! This winter has been the absolute worst, you're not alone :) Thank God spring is almost here!

  4. Ugh sounds like you been having a rough time...hope everything gets better girl!