Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I have ZERO, zip, nadda

PATIENCE RIGHT NOW....my son is driving me insane....literally I want to jump off of my balcony......he won't take any damn friggin nap and I am dead and I am fed up...he knows how to go to sleep I am not stayin in their to pat his damn back so he can fall asleep blissfully because this will require me to do this EVERY single damn day and it's not happening. We got him on a schedule and he knows the routine and has done it without a hitch the past 5 months now today he decided nope not happening and it's because he didn't take his morning nap so now he is over tired..and I had my limit...


  1. I know hwo you feel! Aidan has been deciding to skip his afternoon nap and it is making evenings and bed time MISERABLE! Hang in there. I just let him fuss (not cry) for about 30 minutes and he is finally asleep! YAY! I hope things turn around! Maybe it's time for just one nap????