Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Just another day..

I am so IN LOVE with my new camera I would love to make a spot in bed for it..and sleep with it lol...it is awesome. I am still figuring out RAW and Jpeg so I have a some good pictures from the park yesterday but can't put them on here because it is a RAW image and I haven't figured out how to manage them yet. So I will be doing both a Jpeg and Raw. From what I understand RAW is better picture quality so I want that for sure you can't edit them as easily though so I need to do JPEG first I think and correct any mistakes then go from there.

Any who..school is going good I developed another roll last night (all by myself) and some turned out some didn't..I was practicing messing with my exposure so..no worries but there aren't any pictures I really like on the roll but one of a tree and it's bare branches so I think I will print that tonight in the darkroom. Man it's awesome taking this class!! I can't wait for next quarter and get some digital experience under my belt!

Today we are going to the park again WHO WOULDN'T in 80 degree weather..hopefully I can pick up a tan ;) But I want to get the kids out to play and take some more pictures. I think it's more I want to take pictures (is that wrong) then take them to play. But hey I gotta practice or how will I make money down the road and be GREAT! I want to open a business doing this and make great prints and take even better pictures ya know..capture that moment! Anyway the sky is the limit...so cheers!

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