Sunday, April 5, 2009

Saturday Afternoon Fun

The trip begins...following Zack's brother Josh
Josh (Zack's Brother)
At Subway waiting for the others to eat

Maggie or Niece playing
Drink for the road
Cruising in the stang
Sun picture from inside the car lol
One of me lol
Our Destination
Some sweet fish
More fishies---so excited to go this summer YUM
Bobcat after some quail
Bull Elk
We called him Tom ;)
Some grizzlies fighting over food see the wolverine in the back
Cruising home
A bum we saw when we got back into Spokane...he is always on the corner of Dick's
Playing in the beautiful sun after we got home

Our MustangThe End


  1. what a fun family adventure!

  2. Nice ride! Can you send some sun my way? Because I am really sick of missing it! It looks marvelous!

  3. Looks like a great trip..o Cabela's how I miss you! :)

  4. CABELA'S ROCKS!!! best place to go with the family!!! ♥