Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Just Call me Crash~

So Sunday it was wondrous out..Beautiful day for being out on the lake..the day started out just on the water at 11:00..started tubing right away..then we got to Anderson beach in Vantage a beach that everyone pulls up too..and I wanted to go wake boarding so I went out on a different boat with some friends. I got strapped in and was all excited everything felt PERFECT..I got up first try like always swung out to the side to come in to jump the wake...was going smoothly..I went and jumped it didn't feel right and my board caught the water I went forward and crashed (sure I'm use to it everyone crashes) well I didn't feel it right away but the board came back and hit me in the head and I came up gushing blood from a cut on my right temple. I didn't know I was bleeding mind you...everyone on the boat freaked out and said "oh my god Nicole you are bleeding get over here" I put my hand up and felt it and usually this is where I FREAK I hate blood and know what I did..I laughed and couldn't stop laughing..they thought something was wrong with me. So I got pulled up on the boat and bandaged up and what sucked is the rest of the day out there every time I got in the water I started gushing again and everyone freaked. So we called it a day and went home by then I had a HUGE headache and was really really tired. I got home and my mom saw and flipped she made me go into the er and sure enough I had a pretty good concussion cause I wasn't making sense and delirious and plus it was a gaping hole on my temple so I got 4 stitches 24 hour watch to make sure I will wake up and no driving for a couple days... NOW as of today I have a swollen right side and a black eye that keeps getting worse and a headache...and I only got to jump once..that SUCKS!

But any who..on another ex Zack who I broke up with in April..have been talking alot and we decided we wanted to give it another try and work through things together and I am really excited! I have never felt for anyone like I do for Zack..we have a connection I have never felt with anyone else..he knows me better then anyone even my mother. He has always loved me and I have never doubted that at all...we just had our rough patches but everyone goes through those..It's the ones who can work through them together to fix things that make it and then there are those who give up and walk away like I have done..but I realized I still love him and want to make things wish us luck..I'll definitely be blogging more and moving back to Spokane here within the next month yay!!
My black eye on Tuesday!