Friday, August 14, 2009

Alittle bit of life...

So I went to the Shinedown concert and it was AWESOME...I was front and center in the mosh pit and screamed my ass off...and the bass player Eric Bass even pointed at me!!! I almost was able to wrangle a drumstick but a punk kid next to me (who didn't know a single Shinedown song) snatched it before I could reach it. was awesome to say the least... Tonight I am going to go see Harry Potter but am debating whether to go see The Time Traveler's Wife.. I don't think I am in a sad love story mood I am a way bigger Harry Potter Fan...So looks like I need to go back next weekend or something because I also want to see G.I Joe The rise of the Cobra...I love going to the movies.. But on the other side of life, I had a interview on Wednesday and I think it went rather well. It was at Weldon Barbers and it's a pretty ritzy male barber where they use hot towels and do head massages and everything. I will hear back from Abbie this coming week CROSS YOUR FINGERS...and I have an interview on Tuesday for a receptionist position with a financial investor wish me luck! My life hasn't been to exciting lately, I am still taking pictures but am lacking the motivation right now to do some editing. I started working on my Fantasy Football team and my players I want to get..I am the only girl in Zack's league and he has some big shots so I hope I can beat them and at least place 1, 2 or 3 they all get money...but it would be awesome just to beat them and have them thinking man I got beat by a girl...bawhahaha..well enough is a video from the concert enjoy!

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