Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Year's Pics and Plans

Here are some pictures from New Year's at Zack's Brother's house we played games and had some drinks..it was alot of fun! Here are some pics I was able to snap and do some editing too..

Also I found on another blog I follow this awesome list of stuff I plan to accomplish this year and I want you to post things as well..here is goes!

this year I will:

1. Learn that it's okay to say "no" sometimes, but also challenge myself to say "yes" to things I wouldn't normally do.
2.Cook more, and come up with a signature dish.
3.Once again reach and maintain my ideal weight, but love myself continually along the way.
4.Worry less and try not to let as much stress into my life.
5. Read 100 books.
6. Keep in better touch with my family and make more time for my friends (even when life is awfully busy).
7. Actively work towards being getting my photography business going by the end of the year (having business cards, website and clients.)
8. Stop drinking pop.
9. Start school by be Sept.
10.wear bright colors.
11.do all I can to maintain a happy, giggly, safe & cozy, loving relationship with my boyfriend.
12. Eat more greens.
13. Buy more flowers.
14. Actively work towards being an even better mother to my son.
15. Be brave.
What will you do this year?

(I've decided that resolutions don't have to be huge, life-changing things. They can be as small as deciding to buying a new outfit to changing your hairstyle. And I may do both. You know, for the record.)

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