Monday, February 9, 2009

Monday Blues

It's another cloudy, cold and hectic Monday! I can't wait until those hot and sunny days summer days coming soon. This week is a little hectic I have to write a 4 page expose on Universal health care and make sure to have at least three sources. I also have 2 history quizzes, 6 discussion board postings, and a handful of assignments due...whew..what a workload...but I will take it one day at a time and get it done one by one. The dreaded Valentine's Day is coming up this weekend, to some it is known as Single Awareness Day others it's Lover's Day but I see it as a day to get chocolates :). I know lol chocolates...I do love candy..

This Friday is the 13th and we are going out to see the new Friday the 13th movie with Josh, Monica and I believe Wayde and his g/f Sam. I am excited because we haven't been out without Boone, and together since Boone was born. So it's kinda a date night!!

I recently decided I want to live in a small town and raise my family somewhere where all the teachers know my kids, where we know everyone in town and we aren't afraid to go for a walk at night. Somewhere we can grow some roots and call won't be until after I graduate and get my teaching degree and plus after the infamous wedding! Zack and I both agree we want a small town life to raise our family close enough to the big city to go in and shop and do stuff but far enough away to not worry.

Boone has a dentist appt. today and other then that I am working on my paper and hanging with my son!

Well I am outta here everyone have a wonderful Monday and stay Classy ;)

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