Friday, February 27, 2009

Yay it's Friday

So I didn't get much sleep last night not sure exactly why maybe the crying baby didn't help lol..but when 7 came around I didn't want to get up so Zack got up and went and got boone but then brought him into me and I tried to bury my head under the pillow so they wouldn't find me.. Silly me right..well they found me and I tried to to say thanks to Zack but my voice wouldn't work cause my throat was all scratchy so what came out sounded more like a growl.

So I got up and got the little one up..he got mad at me for not letting him play in our room so dad took him while he started to throw a fit and I b-lined for the coffee pot..THIS is where it gets good..when I went to go throw away my old grinds from yesterday I realized the garbage was full so I started to pack it up, and I hit the cribbage board on top of the bookcase which is next to the garbage about 5 feet up and it landed on my 2nd toe with the corner and instantly I had excruciating pain and fell to the ground my whole toe has now turned purple and the pain is intense and on top of that it wasn't even 8 yet!! What a way to start the dang day. I have to limp to walk and can't bend it so I can't wait for this day to get better already. I have to study for my huge exam all day to go take when Zack gets home at 5 so ICK....I will have to update for sure tomorrow on how I's a hard class cause it's hard to stay focused when you are responsible to do everything on your own. Online classes like this are difficult to get yourself crossing my fingers I can get some studying done today with Mr. Sick

Well I hope everyone else had a better start to their morning!! Have a Great Friday!

Update: 4:37pm my Toe is still throbbing and I am still in alot of pain..I don't know if I should go have it looked at or not..but I can barely walk and when I do it hurts so...what do you think?


  1. Sounds like quite the morning! I hope your day improves. What are you going to school for?

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