Thursday, February 26, 2009

Been away but I am back!

So I found out how to do some cool stuff with blogging now and some better ideas to keep me at it..Well lately I have had a sick little boy on my hands he coughs all the time and is so fussy and needy. I can't do much but hug and rock him...Which is nice cause I like to cuddle with him..he was running a fever the other night of 102 that was scary..I gave him some motrin and it went down right away..Now I have a scratchy sore throat and I am coming up on final EEEKKK...

I have a huge history exam tomorrow I am studying for...and a huge research rough draft due tonight to be critqued by fellow peers in my topic was Universal Health Care. It was suppose to be at least 6 pages I have been busy this week but in the end it will all be worth it when I get my education degree. I have 3 more weeks left till I am done then I start up again on April 6th.

Boone is turning 1 on St. Patricks Day so I thought it only right I put up some shamrocks and something cute..I can't believe a year has gone by already it is nuts. I miss my little guy who was scooting everywhere. For his birthday party I am having it at O'dohertys downtown in the back room..our family really likes that resturant and we know the owners so I thought it would be a good place to hold it. I also made his invites and I am very proud of them...

I made it on I love that site...

I bought a small trampoline yesterday so I can keep busy at home while it is cold out or whatever...until I can bust out the jogging stoller at least and boone had alot of fun playing on it..

Here are some pictures of him playing..

Well I pressed my luck boone is done playing and needy now so I will blog ya later ;)

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  1. That's so funny you got one because I was telling jesse i wanted one:) He is so cute, he's going to have a blast at his party!