Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ants be gone~!

Well I have seen 2 ants in the past 3 days...yay...I sprayed the crap out of all the corners or the house and set out 8 ant traps!!! Keep your fingers crossed cause I almost lost it the other day! On a happier note I am halfway through the second book "new moon" and I love it..I started it 20 mins before bed last night and have been reading it all morning.. I think I am getting what Zack had so I haven't been feeling real good...what a better way to spend it but reading and putting puzzle upon puzzle together with your son! Any who..I might try and go for a walk later it is simply "spectacular"! Well get out and enjoy the the sun..and if you haven't read the twilight series yet...READ IT

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  1. I saw the books at Costco yesterday, each one was $13.49 (is that a good price?) these books seem pretty thick! I am looking forward to watching the movie tomorrow night, I hope blockbuster has it on the shelf