Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Good afternoon..

I am currently on day 4 of no soda for a week my #48 on my 101 list! I am also doing #58 and have 27 days to go on that..and along with that I am also doing #32 and well have 361 days left :..Thought I would update you on my progress..

#70 I do everyday but I put it on the list to keep reminding me...hey you need to make sure to state you love your men!

#36 I start on April 6th I AM SO SO's the beginning to a new life/career for me..

But I am off to finish twilight book #1...


  1. you should put your list in your sidebar, it'll take up room but it will help us all keep up. you can cross things out as you finish them. the html to strike something out is < s > whatever you want crossed out < / s > without all the spaces, of course.

  2. What's all on your list??
    You should share if your comfortable with that..I shown mine because then Im motivated to do stuff if I know you guys are reading :)