Sunday, March 22, 2009

Birthday Party/Birthday Presents

Some Party guests...we had a total of 28
Everyone chatting...
This is a scrapbook Boone's Aunt and Cousin made of his first year!
Here is just an example of the inside they did a great job!
A couple more outfits...I didn't want to get them all out...
Some jammies..these aren't all of them..
Some clothes he got
My best friend made this awesome tie blanket for him.
Puzzels FUN

His new 4 wheeler ride along
Little people mega blocks
His new basketball hoop
His awesome St. Patrick Day themed birthday cake


  1. Aidan got the same litle ATV from his aunt today! He LOVES it! He also got the little people lego/boat set. Looks like they both ended up spoiled!

  2. Happy Birhtday Boone! Glad to hear the party went well! I love the scrapbook! So cute and they put so much thought into it! Preston has a little quad too, we'll have to take the boys for a "ride" together!

  3. Boone made out pretty good for his birthday..I never remember getting an ATV for my first birthday : )