Monday, March 23, 2009

Vent!! ( have been warned)

OK seriously I am about to rip someone a new asshole! We had new neighbors move in last week next to us and they thought it would be real fucking cool to move in at 10:00 pm at night..and were loud and yelling...grrr...needless to say Boone got woke up..well guess what today some frigging old people are moving in below us and I put Boone (tried to) down for a nap at 1:30 and he kept getting woke up and could never get fully asleep!!! Well I just NOW got him to sleep grrr...frustrated and pissed because I hate living in a damn apartment. No one has the decency to be quiet..I get so pissed...ON top of that...we have ants...not small sugar ants but big ones..and not a tone but at least 10-15 a day I have to kill....I HATE BUGS anyone who knows me knows I fucking hate bugs...and Zack keeps saying I don't want to hear there's nothing I can do..we can't bomb it cause we are here and we can't spray everywhere cause we are here!!! So until we can be gone for a day then we have to deal with it..and now Boone is up again what was that 5 mins...I am losing my damn mind...this is suppose to me my time to unwind...seriously if I see another damn ant....I'm going to break something...I wish we could buy house right now..perfect time to do it but we just don't have the money..which is so frustrating as well..I am sick of worrying about damn money and feeling like I am spending "zacks" money and not ours..and feeling like I am not contributing...grrr...ok enough

Ok update...member how I just said if I see another ant I will freak well I just saw 10...there was 5 klumped up on my cupboard so I went and opened all of them and another couple came out of those then 3 were coming down the wall by the sink...HONESTLY come on!!!!! I do not have a dirty house what so ever..I don't get it...I am so pissed.....grrrrrrrr


  1. How frustrating!! We will be moving into an appt in June and I will try to be courtious.

  2. I understand 100%.... the ants are in our bathroom, it's so gross. And I can understand the financial stuff. I stay at home with the kids now and just the hubby works, sucks not feeling like I contribute, and it sucks not being able to go buy something just because I want to. Hang in there!

  3. Whenever I start to feel like I don't contribute financially I think of how much Brad would have to pay someone to do all of the things I do. That makes me feel a WHOLE lot better. I am worth something. Worth a lot! And you are too! Just because you don't leave the house to work doesn't mean that your job isn't just as difficult as his.

    Sorry to hear about the ants! I HATE bugs too! If you need to get out of the apt. while you spray, let me know. Once I have a kitchen again, I'd be more than willing to have you guys over to play while the spray dries. Also we have one that Brad sprays in the house in the winter to keep the bugs out, that is pet and kid safe. I can get the name for you if you want?

  4. I hate rude neighbors, luckily, I don't have any. We live in a duplex right now. You would be amazed how cheap you can find some places as long as you look. We pay less here at our duplex then some apartments and we have garage and fenced yard. Anyways, I hope you get rid of those ants. Once I get some things in order at my house, we would be happy to have you and Boone over so you can spray for ants!

  5. Lol, I was going to offer my house as well but I've been beat to it. I guess I have one up on Kim and Ashley, however, as my house is ready at any time!
    Hear you on the apt, we were really really lucky to find a cheap house to rent for a year since when I got preggo we were NOT ready to buy yet and I DIDNT want to stay in my 700 sq foot apt.
    Let me know if you want to come over sometime, or like...all day.