Monday, March 2, 2009

Rainy Monday

I know it may be weird but I love this kind of rainy weather..I have always wanted to move back to the Oregon Coast and live in a little town by the beach and have 5 kids and teach school! What a life! Today has been the first none stressful day in a while were I am not just about to cry at the end of the day. I got my homework done which I believe I have 2 weeks left of this quarter..I did find out today due to my stupid teacher and lack of communication rather communication problems with the people at the distant learning center I am going to fail my history class. My teacher won't let me go in and take my exam because I didn't know the library was going to be closed at 4 I thought it was ya go! I had a sick kid and no daycare so I couldn't go during the day what is a mother to do???? Well I will have to do some explaining to financial aid (sigh) but my son has never been more cuddling and lovey to me and that's all I could ask for. A happy baby and happy fiance!
Life can be so rewarding!
I just look into those eyes and I know I am perfect to him! And at the end of the day if he is happy so am I!!!

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