Monday, April 13, 2009

I am back..

Wow I haven't posted in fooorrreeevvver...Ok so I finished my first week of school back and got over my terrible stomach bug. AND I am still nursing my poor little man back to health after he caught a cough and nasty nose from his cousins (where he always gets it). I got some great pictures from Easter as well. We went to Zack's moms house in Davenport and had the whole family there and went on a egg hunt with the kids and it was Boone's first time participating (tear) I can't believe how fast he is growing. Let's see...oh I got into a fight on Friday evening with Zack's brother a shooting fight because FIRST you need to know a little about this guy...he thinks he is always right and women are always wrong..he likes to say comments like women belong in the kitchen and don't know anything about sports ext...well he also thinks he is knows everything and that he is never in the is a picture so you have picture of what and who I am talking about...

OK so anyways we are dishing up dinner and Zack goes and sits down at the table and goes hey babe did you give Boone some cough medicine..and before I could answer josh (Zack's brother) chimes in and goes what cough medicine what's it called (with an attitude like wait a min you can't give babies cough medicine) and I said no not yet babe..(this whole time Boone is having a coughing attack) I was getting him some dinner. SO Zack's uncle walks in and chimes in you can't give babies cough syrup..then Zack's mom goes don't worry about it..then Zack's uncle leaves and josh is still asking questions what is it..let me see it and I said "well I guess I am not a mom" because I told him it's children's Tylenol and I have the proper dosage from my doctor to give him mind you. And when I said my comment he yelled at me "shout your mouth" and I got PISSED and I shouted back no don't talk to me like that, and he said shout your mouth Nicole I am not talking to you and I said well we weren't talking to you and you piped up and butted in. And he said no I started talking to my brother and I said well this doesn't concern you and he said no it doesn't concern you and I yelled back anything with MY son concerns me and I will chime in WHENEVER I want to and there's nothing you can do about it. And then he changed his attitude and changed everything he was talking about and acted like he wanted to find out what we give Boone so he could give it to his girls (the ones who always get Boone sick) and I said bull shit josh you wanted to pipe up and tell us we were doing something bad and try to be super parent. You don't know shit so don't say shit! And I walked away still just pissed...

But the thing with josh is he is always like that he thinks he can shout at you and you will be submissive to him and he can say whatever he wants and treat people however he wants and I WILL not be treated like that I have dealt with his shit like that for 3 years now and ya know what NOT HAVING IT! And I hope he realizes now I am going to stand up against him and I don't care if he pouts like a baby about it for months. BUt I am the only one to ever stand up to him and I surprised zack and his mom they were trying to break us up the whole time. SO yeah I had to get that off my chest now for Easter pictures lol..


  1. ggrrr...makes me so angry when people don't mind their own business!! Boone is your son and you know what is best for him!

  2. holy cow! I am out of breath just from reading that. i hate when "family" feels the need to butt in like that. so annoying. cute pics!

  3. Good for you girl...he shouldn't think he can talk to people that way and not get reprimanded for it.

    Boone is such a the pics!