Thursday, April 16, 2009

MCP photo contest...I wanna win

So I am entering a picture done on my older camera to possibly win a canvas wrap which I am currently obsessed with... so here is a photo I thought would be so awesome to hang's a picture of my son..from Manito park posing for momma..he is so cute..the second one below was a thought but I think I like the first one better... anyways I entered over at MCP actions I love their site they have taught me so much..and this contest is totally awesome!


  1. Love both pics...Boone is a natural model! :)
    Good luck girl!

  2. That is such a cute picture! Glad you're back! I missed chatting with you too! So I completely forgot to request that they add dinner to the calendar tomorrow...but if you're still up for it we could meet for dinner and drinks somewhere?

  3. These pictures are so good! It shows when someone is doing what they love.
    Take care, Angelique (new to Spokane Mothers)