Monday, June 22, 2009

Random ramblings of compulsiveness

So...I just got Boone back from a long 5 days with his father..WOW..I missed him so much it feels like he learns something new every time he is away and like I miss out on it..or he has grown years and I am like wow where did my baby go!??! Other than that..I am looking for a car..something affordable and reliable...=) And lastly I am so up and down with my guy life..there are guys who like me and I don't like them, or there are guys that like me and I like them but it's not the right timing, or there are guys I like and I am unsure of what to do. It's so confusing and all at the same time the right guys for my situation aren't the guys I particularly like or feel that feeling for. Then the ones I kinda do aren't the right fit for my situation. It's like can I just go and create the perfect match for me with all the little things from each one?? I need the perfect package and having someone who is only part of the perfect package for my situation isn't going to work...

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