Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I'm on a boat!

Today I went boating with a bunch of friends and it was Boone's first time on a boat in his sweet life vest! He had a blast and went swimming and we ate chips and hamburgers and yeah it was a blast. He is pooped...and crashed out when we got home.. I went wake boarding and tubing and of course I was the first one to go..everyone else was chicken! So I got on and owned it she couldn't shake me it was awesome! Then I went wake boarding and it was me and my other friend who did it everyone else didn't want to. I hit the wake a little and then finally got some air..other then that I have the week off and work Saturday..I take Boone to Spokane tomorrow to spend time with his daddy and I am going to be lost without him!

In other news Hoopfest is coming up in a week and a half..I am super excited to beat down some girls! It's going to be a hot sweaty mess! It will be fun though to go out and have some fun downtown since I haven't had the chance to ever go out and hit up the bars in Spokane.

I was out taking pictures last night trying to get a good shot of the moon and got some really cool pictures of lights scattered all over the place. I am going to be out shooting this week so I hope I can upload them on here properly for you to access them.

Lastly everything is going great with my "friend" we hang out all the time..and it's been so nice spending time with him and I will admit I am developing feelings for him and I hope they continue to grow. I am not sure what the next step is or where it will go..but I certainly think about him constantly throughout the day and miss him when I am not around him. SO sigh....I shall take my leave and get some rest I am beat