Sunday, June 14, 2009

Tired and Wired

I am at work and totally running on 3 hours of sleep...imagine that! Yesterday was graduation and I was really happy for all my friends who accomplished this huge achievement. It made me feel like a bum though because I have taken a break from school and I have about 4-5 quarters left till I get my photography degree. Right now isn't the best time in my life to go back to school with trying to get on my feet and find a good full time job to support myself and Boone. So once I "get my eggs in a basket" lol I will be able to assess where I am at and if I can handle taking classes again to finish. I was thinking about starting in the Fall and maybe taking like 1 or 2 classes and go from's definitely something to keep in mind. Other then that I went out with friends to celebrate them graduating and I had alot of fun..I almost missed work this morning though because my alarm didn't go off for some reason I had ti set for 6 and it went off at 6:45 so I dressed and then made it to work 5 mins late. I was suppose to be there at 7..opps! So I am excited for hoopfest in two weeks it should be alot of fun! I have been playing basketball during the week at the college and playing pickup games with older guys and my friend who is on my team. It should definitely be interesting to say the least! Well I better get back to last thing..I am craving a piercing or something different a change..and I was thinking about getting my lip pierced like off to the side or my monroe pierced

Here is the monroe I had this done once..

And this is what the lip would look like only with a diamond...

Which one do you think?


  1. You're doing Hoopfest? Fun! I used to want my monroe done! But I chickened out for fear of pain. lol. I like that one better than the lip though, just my opinion!

  2. I def. like the monroe better, but you might want to think twice about it if your looking for a new job.