Saturday, October 17, 2009


I took Boone to the doctor and turns out it ISN'T chickenpox...BUT it is hives from a viral infection from when he was sick. So I have to give him Benedryll :( and it makes it go away but on the downside it also makes him SUPER sleepy and drugged up I hate it..SO I haven't been giving him the whole dose just a little of it and it's been working. I went hunting today for the first time THAT was fun..we got up at 4:30 got the bags in the car, got the kids up and to the sitter (my bf's parents) then we got up to the place got the 4-wheelers unloaded and away we went in the 43 degree weather in the dark..SCARY..we parked and there was a TON of people up there so we parked and hiked a little ways and sat there and I was trying to eat and apple and my bf kept saying shhhh we are hunting and he would laugh at me and we sat and whispered and till the sun came up then we walked around some more and found deer poop and analyzed it lol..and then went back to the 4-wheelers and rode down the mountain to the truck. Where I got his rifle and another gun for the first was scary but I think it's safe to say I am going to be packin next year and bringing a deer home myself..I liked it.

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  1. My uncles and cousins never took me hunting but I want to go! :)