Thursday, December 10, 2009

SO I'M BACK...Again!

It's been a interesting year to say the to end this month and a not so great year..I am back together with Zack my fiance who have been off and on as you know the past 4 years now. But I have done some growing up this summer and I still have alot of stuff I need to work on as well as him. But I decided this is what I want I want my family and his family back. His family has been closer and nicer and shown me more love than my own family has. I regret putting Zack and his family through everything. But on the upside we are working through things and it's really for the better.

I AM SOOOO excited it's Christmas time..this is my absolute favorite time of the year! I love it...I have already attempted to make sugar cookies and they didn't turn out :( so I am open for all suggestions on the best recipe to fact I think I am going to look up something to make this afternoon keep me busy because I know I have far to much baking supplies to know what to do with...Well have a great Thursday..The Office is on tonight yay...I will take pics and show you how my stuff turned out.


  1. Well congrats to you and the boy...hope you can work through everything.

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  3. Good to hear your doing alright girly, keep in touch! We haven't talked in a while, and I miss it. Hope all things are well, and that stuff with you and Zack works out!

    - Andy