Thursday, January 14, 2010


Yay so I applied for a job Monday evening for a deli/barista position at Safeway and within a half an hour the lady called and asked for me to come into an interview the next morning. I was super psychic! So 9:00am Tuesday morning I went in for an interview and did a fantastic job even she told me she had a good feeling about me. Then that afternoon she called and offered me the job and wanted me to come in for training Wed. I was like awesome of course! So training went as well as computer training can go an I start actually hands on training Friday morning...YAY finally things are slowly falling into their spots. I have my schedule for the next week...and taxes are coming in soon and we can get a couple new things we need around here and it's really just finally starting to feel less tense finally. Like I can breath without feeling like I am suffocating. Today we have a play date with my friend Kim and her son Preston at Chucky E Cheese Boone's never been before so it should be interesting. Then just home to hang out and prepare for the weekend!!

I forgot to mention I am about to buy my NICKELBACK, SHINEDOWN tickets for May 5th!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am sooooo stoked!!!!! I am also planning my trip to my sister's graduation in May in Tennesse I am excited to go over there because I haven't seen her in 3 years and plus I have never been to Tennesse maybe I can get a Tennesse shirt cause I love me some girls Basketball plus they are a great team!! Especially since Angie Borklan is going to school there and a starter and she's from right here in Spokomton! Umm other than that nothing new in my life...I am planning boone's 2nd birthday (sniff sniff) he is growing way too fast. And then my birthday is over spring break so maybe we could do something fun for that as well.

Well I am outta here to go get dressed and ready for the day..Have a great week!


  1. Yay! I'm so glad you found a job! And we had so much fun at Chuck E Cheese today! Tomorrow will be fun too!!