Thursday, January 21, 2010

So here's to a new me!

So every time I am watching TV, I see all these gorgeous women and I have this mindset wow I could look like them. Then I get on this crazy kick for about a month where I am watching what I eat and I actually lose a couple pounds. But then I go back to my horrible ways. So I decided to make a healthy get fit/healthier list with some motivation (this summer) and put it on my fridge and post it on here for some support!

Where is goes by week one, two, three and so on...this week it says to write down everything you eat to get to know your habits and problem times. SO here is goes!!!

It also says to come up with an amount you'd like to lose..I would like to lose 10 pounds a healthy 10 or more pounds which includes toning and shaping my legs and tummy. I am currently 140 so I would go to a 130-129.

So, your homework (oh, dear!) for this next week is to write down everything you eat and drink, the amounts and time of day, with no critical self-judgments (that’s part of the work), as you finish off the Christmas cookies. This is a great exercise to do whether you want to lose weight or not, as it allows you to see what is going into your mouth and being turned into fuel and nutrients. Be mindful to chew slowly, at least fifty times for each bite (now there’s a challenge). Then meet me back here, journal in hand, in one week’s time...


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